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影片《联结:仓东村项目》,由Barre Fong制作,是一部双语纪录片,讲述了仓东村项目的研究进展和成果。本片可以满足课堂需求。

Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project (Barre Fong Designs) is a bi-lingual documentary that provides a classroom-friendly overview of the Cangdong Village Project research process and its outcomes.

Instructions for Subtitles

"Making Ties - The Cangdong Village Project" has subtitles in both Chinese and English. To view the subtitles, click on the closed captioning ("CC") logo on the bottom right of the video frame. You will be able to select from "English (United States) CC," "Chinese (Simplified) CC," or "None."


Barre Fong是第四代华裔,生于旧金山。作为一名电影制作人和社会活动家,Barre实现了他祖父的梦想——记录了他作为一名中国移民,经历世纪更替的心路历程。Barre目前和他的妻子以及两个孩子居于旧金山。他曾任中国历史学会董事会主席,目前担任Lick-Wilmerding高中董事会成员。从2013年开始,他制作和执导了关于亚裔美国人的短片。其2016年的电影《发掘中国城》深受好评,2018年的电影《寻找处女座》获得了多个奖项。

About the Filmmaker

Barre Fong is a fourth generation Chinese-American and San Francisco native. Barre’s activities as a filmmaker and community activist is an embodiment of his grandfather’s dream of preserving his own experience as a turn-of-the-Century Chinese immigrant. Barre continues to live in San Francisco with his wife and two children. He previously served as the President of the Board of Directors for the Chinese Historical Society of America and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Lick-Wilmerding High School. He has produced and directed short films about the Asian American experience since 2013. His 2016 film, Digging to Chinatown, was well received and his 2018 film, Finding the Virgo, is earning several awards.


Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project Teaching Guide

Making Ties Teaching Guide (PDF)


This link will open a PDF teaching guide for the documentary film Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project. The teaching guide is in English. It is designed for use in undergraduate courses in the social sciences and archaeology. It includes information about the film, background historical context, a film summary, discussion topics and activities, a sample 2-week curriculum, key terms and ideas, and resources for further reading.